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At CRMpartners, our digital consultancy goes beyond offering digital solutions; it represents a comprehensive approach to the digital transformation of your business. We are digital consultants specialized in various sectors, including

  • Digital Transformation,
  • Healthcare,
  • HR,
  • Logistics,
  • Finance,
  • Banking,
  • Services,
  • Automotive


and many more. Our extensive experience has allowed us to tackle a wide range of business challenges, earning the trust of our clients over the years. We have been involved in Digital Transformation since 2004, with a “tailored” approach, adapting the renewal process to your corporate reality.


What is Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is at the core of our digital consultancy at CRMpartners. It is a strategic process aimed at integrating digital technology into all aspects of a company, revolutionizing how it operates and creates value for customers. Digital Transformation is not just about adopting new technological tools but also a profound cultural and organizational transformation.

Thanks to this transformation, companies can improve operational efficiency, optimize business processes, enhance customer experience, and develop innovative business models. It is a journey that requires a clear vision, the commitment of the entire organization, and the support of experienced consultants like those at CRMpartners.

Digital Transformation is essential to remain competitive in the digital age and has been a well-established reality for many years, no longer a novelty. Many companies are aware of the need to adapt and have already embarked on the path to this change. However, it is crucial to emphasize that time is running inexorably, and anyone who lags behind risks seriously compromising their competitiveness in the market.


Our Goal as Digital Consultants

Our primary goal as digital consultants at CRMpartners is to successfully guide companies through the complex process of Digital Transformation. We want to be your trusted partner in this journey, providing you not only with the most suitable digital solutions but also the guidance and support necessary to maximize your success. We are dedicated to thoroughly understanding your specific needs, adapting our skills and resources to offer you a personalized service. Our goal is to see your business thrive through the effective adoption of digital technologies, improving efficiency, increasing profitability, and creating lasting value for your customers. We are ready to work side by side with you to achieve these goals and enable you to excel in your digital transformation.


The Solutions We Offer

Our digital consultants work comprehensively, providing a wide range of solutions to meet your business’s specific needs. Some of the types of projects we frequently address include:

  • Sales Force Management (CRM): We develop and implement customized CRM systems to optimize your sales activities and enhance customer management.
  • Marketing Automation: We use the latest marketing automation technologies to improve your marketing strategy and reach your customers more effectively.
  • Customer Care: We optimize your customer service through the implementation of advanced digital solutions for better customer relationship management.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: We use advanced data analysis tools to extract meaningful insights that can guide your business decisions and metrics to measure and optimize the performance of all departments.
  • Custom Applications: We create customized applications to meet your specific needs, ensuring they align with your digital strategy. We have an experienced team of developers dedicated to delivering tailored projects and applications.
  • Training & Coaching: Employee training is an essential part of our projects, ensuring that they can fully leverage the new digital solutions. One of the most common mistakes is purchasing solutions without adequate employee training. Preparation is a key element for the effective implementation and use of Digital Transformation software.

Our unique approach

Being “consultants” means more to us than simply “selling” a project. Our challenge is to deeply understand each company’s unique needs and find the right digital solutions. Before embarking on any digital transformation journey, we believe it is critical that clients have a clear understanding of what they actually need.

The market offers a wide range of digital solutions, and figuring out which one is the best fit for your needs can be a challenge. This is where our experienced consultants come in, ready to guide you in selecting the best solutions for your business. With more than 15 years of experience in this field, hundreds of clients and thousands of projects have given us enough knowledge to help you with each of the challenges you may face.

Rely on CRMpartners for your digital consulting and find out how we can help you succeed in your digital transformation. We are here for you, ready to put our experience and expertise to work for you.

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