Zoho Books: easy-to-use Cloud Invoicing

Zoho Books

From invoicing to purchase orders, through automations and documents… Zoho Books allows you to have all your business accounting at your fingertips, on a single software.

End-to-end accounting, easy collaboration, and an integrated platform are just some of the advantages of Zoho Books, but the features don’t stop there.


Key benefits of Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a comprehensive accounting software that offers businesses various features to improve administrative management, regardless of the company’s size. Thanks to its scalability, Zoho Books is useful for both large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. It is also the perfect accounting software to help your administrative department in financial management, automating business workflows, and collaborating synergistically with other departments.


Digital accounting

Digital accounting with Zoho Books represents a step forward in automating and simplifying your company’s financial management. The software allows you to easily import bank statements of your financial transactions and classify them into relevant categories. This means you no longer have to go through long and tedious manual transaction entry sessions. Instead, Zoho Books does it for you, saving you valuable time and minimizing the risk of human errors.


Real-time online payments

Zoho Books offers you the convenience of making real-time online payments. You can send invoices to your customers and allow them to make instant payments through various online payment methods. This eliminates the need to wait for payments to arrive through traditional methods such as checks or bank transfers. Receive your funds quickly and efficiently, improving your company’s liquidity.


Simplified debt management

With Zoho Books, you have the ability to track all debt-related transactions effectively and effortlessly. You can maintain a detailed record of debts, including payments made and those still due. This feature helps you keep control of your financial situation and ensures that all your debts are managed accurately and in a timely manner.


Inventory organization

Zoho Books allows you to efficiently and automatically manage inventory. You can set up the software for automatic restocking based on predefined minimum levels. This means you no longer have to worry about running out of essential products or materials, as Zoho Books will ensure your inventory is always up to your needs.


Time tracking for invoicing

One of the key features of Zoho Books is time tracking, which greatly simplifies project management and billing for time-based services. You can record time spent on specific projects and automatically convert it into detailed invoices for your customers. This not only helps you monitor your employees’ time usage but also allows you to accurately charge for services rendered.


Simplified communications

With Zoho Books, you can easily import your customer contacts into a single centralized dashboard. This significantly simplifies communication with your customers, as you have quick and efficient access to all the necessary contact information. You can send invoices, promotional communications, or important messages with ease, improving your customer relationship.


Reports and summaries

Zoho Books provides you with advanced tools to generate statements, reports, and comprehensive summaries of your company’s financial performance. These tools allow you to have a clear and detailed view of your income, expenses, profits, and much more. You can customize reports according to your specific needs and use them to make informed financial and strategic decisions for your company’s future.

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