B Corp Company

Issue of Quality and Social Responsibility

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

B Corp and ISO 9001 Certification

We initially drafted our code of ethics, firmly believing in all the principles present within it and we made it an integral part of our strategic plan.

We then committed to becoming a B Corp company, a goal achieved in 2020!

The commitment to become a B Corp company comes from the desire to be part of the change, starting with ourselves. Our change began with certification, a path that allowed us to evaluate our environmental and social impacts and to embrace, even more, values ​​that CRMpartners has always felt to be their own.

Our commitment for the future is to commit ourselves to keeping the company socially responsible and increasing our ability to produce positive impacts in the world!

Our commitment sees us actively involved. Following the importance that digital innovation is acquiring exponentially on the market, we have deemed it important and necessary to offer our services to pro-bono non-profit companies. If you are part of this reality, contact us and you will be supported and assisted in your digital change while respecting the environment and the community.

A growth path with high quality objectives: ISO 9001 and B Corp certification

A growth path with high quality objectives: ISO 9001 and B Corp certification

CRMpartners has always believed in Corporate Social Responsibility, that is to embody change and commite to achieve results. For this reason, we embarked on an awareness-raising process that involves the entire organization, believing we do have a positive impact on society and the environment.

AND WE SUCCEEDED by obtaining the B CORP company certification!