Zoho Social: your key to success on social media

Zoho Social

Are you ready to discover how Zoho Social allows you to schedule unlimited posts, monitor the most important elements, and create customized reports to analyze your social media performance? Share your success with us because with Zoho Social, your marketing and sales strategy will always engage everyone of your new potential customers, so you won’t miss any opportunities!


Get the most out of your social media with Zoho Social

Zoho Social offers a wide range of benefits for your business. Discover how to leverage them to the fullest:


Post Planning

Manage your editorial calendar like a true professional. With Zoho Social, you can create a well-structured publishing pipeline and efficiently review content. Post planning becomes a breeze.


Continuous Monitoring

Always keep an eye on your social media. Use listening dashboards to monitor ongoing conversations, live streaming to stay in touch with your audience, and direct messages to respond promptly to your followers’ requests.


Easy Collaboration with Your Team

No challenge is too big when working as a team. With Zoho Social, you can define the ideal workflow for your team and share insights on all social aspects. Collaboration becomes a key element of success.


Advanced Performance Analysis

Learn everything about your audience. With Zoho Social, you can discover the origin of your followers, the type of content they love the most, and what they say about you. Reports and advanced metrics will give you a comprehensive overview of your social media performance.

In summary, Zoho Social is the key to success on social media. This powerful platform provides you with all the tools you need to plan, monitor, collaborate, and analyze effectively. Don’t let success slip through your fingers; use Zoho Social to reach new heights of visibility and engagement on social media.



10€ per month with annual billing

1 brand (7 channels) and 2 team members

  • Main dashboard
  • recent posts
  • multichannel publishing
  • content planning
  • publication of the calendar
  • published / scheduled posts
  • link url shortener
  • activity log
  • user tagging
  • summary report
  • drafts
  • twitter location


30€ per month with annual billing

1 brand (7 channels) and 3 team members

  • standard functionality +
  • live streaming
  • notifications
  • drafts
  • customQ
  • Repeat publication
  • bulk planning
  • popular posts
  • link abbreviation bit.ly
  • image library
  • retweet planning
  • feed rss
  • Cloudpicker
  • pause / resume content
  • messages
  • deactivate and block accounts
  • monitoring dashboard
  • contacts
  • information about posts


40€ per month with annual billing

1 brand (8 channels) and 3 team members

  • SmartQ
  • content approval and workflow
  • export of posts
  • post discussion
  • collaborates
  • team member audio / video and chat
  • Report dashboard
  • custom reports
  • sharing reports
  • management of custom roles
  • content targeting
  • utm parameters
  • advertisements - facebook and linkedin
  • zoho crm integration
  • integration with zoho desk
  • leads and crm contacts
  • lead generation



230€ per month with annual billing

10 brand (80 channels)

  • client invitation
  • customization of the portal
  • planning / sending by email of reports
  • report with the agency's brand
  • free access for customers
  • customized display for customers


330€ per month with annual billing


  • Agency + features
  • plus 10 brands (80 social channels)

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