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Zoho Campaigns

Email marketing built with CRM-based strategies and social media integration

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is Zoho’s email marketing software that helps you take your sales to the next level.

With Zoho Campaigns, you can create campaigns, customize messages, send emails directly to inboxes, and trigger workflows. This means that every manual and repetitive step can be automated to enhance the efficiency of your marketing operations.

Campaigns enables your company to connect with new customers and build long-lasting relationships over time, creating strong and enduring connections.


Key benefits of Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns offers a range of advantages to help you manage your email marketing campaigns quickly and effectively.


Easy import of contact lists

Thanks to integrations with Zoho CRM, Eventbrite, and Google Suite, you can easily import your contact lists. This allows you to keep your databases up-to-date and reach the right audience.


Test the most effective campaigns

With A/B testing, you can try two different versions of an email campaign and choose the one that achieves the best results. This helps you optimize your approach and maximize the impact of your campaigns.


Maintain your company’s tone of voice

With Zoho Campaigns, you can customize your messages with a simple drag-and-drop and import HTML templates to create captivating newsletters. Keep your company’s tone of voice and capture your audience’s attention.


Workflow and automated responses

Zoho Campaigns allows you to trigger messages based on recipient interactions with your campaigns. This helps you create personalized paths for your contacts and maintain constant engagement.


Manage your online store

Use automated promotional and sales emails, follow-ups, and triggers to efficiently manage your online store. Zoho Campaigns helps you increase your sales and improve the customer experience.


Zoho Campaigns vs Mailchimp

Zoho Campaigns and Mailchimp are both powerful platforms for email marketing, but they differ in some key features. Zoho Campaigns stands out for its integration with other Zoho software, such as Zoho CRM, offering a complete solution for marketing and customer management.

Additionally, Zoho Campaigns offers drag-and-drop workflows and automated responses, allowing further customization of campaigns based on recipient interactions.


Features Zoho Campaigns Mailchimp
Zoho Integration Yes, integration with Zoho CRM and other apps No Zoho integrations
Workflow Drag and drop workflows and automated responses Less advanced workflows
Customization Extensive campaign and recipient interaction customization Limited customization
Email Templates Variety of customizable email templates Wide selection of pre-designed templates
Ease of Use Powerful but requires software familiarity Easy to use, ideal for beginners
Contact Management Creation of custom lists and segments List-based contact management
Reporting and Analysis Detailed reports and advanced analysis Standard reporting and analysis


Zoho Campaigns is the ideal solution for your email marketing. With its powerful features for importing contact lists, A/B testing, message customization, automated workflows, and online store management, you have everything you need to effectively achieve your marketing goals. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your campaigns; start using Zoho Campaigns today!

Free Plan

Free Forever

Email-based plan

3€ per month with annual billing

Email credits / pricing

  • registration forms and lists
  • drag-and-drop editor
  • A / B testing
  • predefined templates
  • advanced segmentation
  • customization
  • consent management


4,5€ per month with annual billing

The plan for those who send frequent emails. get unlimited emails



The plan for those who send emails occasionally. buy email credits according to your needs.

  • predefined templates
  • customization
  • A / B testing
  • drag-and-drop editor
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