Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect: the Digital HR that simplifies your life!

Our digital consultants are able to perfectly adapt the most popular solutions in the world in terms of Digital Transformation to the needs of the Italian market and to your business.

Zoho Connect is a collaboration software for your team!

It brings together all the necessary people and resources in a single location, simplifying the performance of the work. Thanks to its multiple features it is able to offer your team a 360 ° shared work management, without the need to be physically present in the office, everything is managed entirely online!

Have you always wanted an organized corporate intranet? Find out with one of our consultants what Zoho Connect can do for you!

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up to 100 users

€ 1 per month


  • Unlimited custom apps
  • unlimited public and private groups
  • unlimited channels
  • forums, manuals, feeds, files, events
  • chat between two users
  • activities and whiteboards
  • access as a guest
  • corporate and group level authorizations
  • moderation at company and group level
  • custom app registrations of 200 / user
  • storage space for files (2 gb x no. of users) for each network
  • Domain, logo, favicon and custom css
  • Multiple network and group administrators
  • Integration with AD
  • Option to activate / deactivate functions
  • Custom profile fields
  • Network and group analysis
  • data export
  • integration with third party apps

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