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Zoho Desk: offer your customers the best experience and make them satisfied!

Our digital consultants are able to perfectly adapt the most popular solutions in the world in terms of Digital Transformation to the needs of the Italian market and to your business.

Zoho Desk simplifies Customer Care management for both your agents and your customers: ticket assignment automation, integrated chat on any portal and clear information available to each agent are just some of the many features that can remove the obstacles that traditionally are present in a customer support system.

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3 free agents

  • ticket creation via email
  • customer management
  • service center
  • private knowledge base
  • default sla
  • Macro
  • helpdesk in multiple languages
  • mobile applications
  • 24 hour email support, 5 days a week


14€ per month with annual billing (per agent)

Functionality of the Free+ version

  • social and community channels
  • product-based ticket management
  • Help Center Theme Gallery
  • public knowledge base
  • SLA and escalation
  • rules for workflows
  • customer satisfaction ratings
  • Report and dashboard
  • way of working for tickets
  • extensoni and integrations of the marketplace
  • asap - integrable self service
  • 24 hour telephone support, 5 days a week
  • SDK mobile
  • 24/7 chat support 5 days a week
  • add-on (5euro / light agent / month)


23€ per month with annual billing (per agent)

Functionality of the Standard+ version

  • Multi-department ticket creation
  • team management
  • telephony
  • automatic time tracking
  • projects - basic process management
  • round-robin ticket assignment
  • collision agents
  • tasks, events and calling activities
  • ticket templates
  • private marketplace extensions
  • dashboard sla
  • ticket sharing
  • SDK mobile
  • 24/7 chat support, 5 days a week
  • add-on (5euro / light agent / month)


40€ per month with annual billing (per agent)

Functionality of the professional+ version

  • instant chat
  • ZIA - artificial intelligence (beta)
  • Customizing the help center
  • multiboard help center
  • advanced project management
  • custom functions
  • multilevel ivr
  • global reports and dashboards
  • scheduled reports
  • contact management
  • validation rules
  • monitoring entry fields
  • more working hours and public holidays
  • role-based data sharing
  • 50 Light Agent
  • add-on (5euro / light agent / month)

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