CRM di Zoho vs Salesforce



ZOHO CRM vs Salesforce

CRMpartners’ alternative to Salesforce, the world leader in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), is Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM allows you to effectively manage customer relationships, facilitating customer acquisition, retention and the consequent increase in sales. Thanks to Salesforce technology, companies have the opportunity to work professionally on everything that revolves around CRM and at the same time to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Why CRMpartners?

Choosing CRMpartners means opting for an all-Italian reality characterized by a complete team and professionals. CRMpartners, based on tools that use the same logic as Salesforce, follows you step by step and offers you cutting-edge services in the management of sales, marketing and customer service processes.

What sets CRMpartners apart from Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce leverages cloud technologies and specifically allows you to:

ZOHO CRM vs Salesforce:

sell in less time;
manage entire communities;
apply web marketing strategies;
analyze data;
create new applications.

CRMpartners provides you with advanced CRM solutions, with the same performance as Salesforce, such as ZOHO CRM, which is the most widespread CRM solution in the world developed by Zoho Corp, one of the global leaders in the production of cloud CRM systems.
CRMpartners is currently the only Italian company to have received the title of Premium Partner from Zoho Corp.
CRMpartners also:
provides training courses on CRM, social CRM and digital marketing;
offers professional business consultancy;
carefully studies the needs of companies and helps them achieve their goals;
supports companies in every phase: from the study of the commercial situation to the configuration of the CRM system.
Salesforce and CRMpartners tools
CRMpartners has already become a point of reference for dozens of companies that have seen their turnover increase and that have understood the importance of putting the customer at the center of their business. In the wake of Salesforce, CRMpartners uses tools such as:
social networks, for the development and management of communities on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+;
advanced CRM solutions such as ZOHO CRM;
SEO and SEM techniques to obtain greater visibility on the web and promote lead generation;
one to one actions;
What are you waiting for? If you also want to invest in CRM, don’t stop at Salesforce. CRMpartners is ready to offer you the best tailor-made services!

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