Zoho Sales IQ



Zoho SalesIQ, the live chat for customer support and increasing your ROI!


Zoho SalesIQ is a Live Chat Solution that allows you to get in touch immediately with your potential customers, an indispensable tool for increasing the efficiency of your sales!

Your campaigns bring traffic to your site, and it should be less static as possible, to avoid “bounces”. 

From the customer’s point of view, it is an immediate response that gives the feeling that behind the product or service they are purchasing there is an organization ready to respond to any need, from whatever tool or device the request is made. For your company it is a wealth of information to better organize your business according to sales, starting from the geolocation of your customers. But that’s not all: Zoho SalesIQ monitors the impact of visitors, routes conversations to the right operators, identifies new interlocutors and those who return, starts an automatic chat based on visitor activity, and automatically translates the chat.

Zoho SalesIQ adapts its behavior to visitor interactions, makes navigation useful and content immediately available: an experience that quickly transforms a visitor into a potential customer, which you can then reach with interactive email campaigns directly from the application itself.

Our digital consultants are able to perfectly adapt all the features of this software, like all the most popular solutions in the world in terms of Digital Transformation, to the needs of the Italian market and your business.



close deals faster and for free

  • 1 website per portal
  • 2 operators included
  • track and engage 5000 visitors per month
  • mobile support
  • 100 chat sessions per month
  • 30 days of archiving

BASIC - includes 3 operators

17 € per month with annual billing

includes all the free features

  • 3 operators included
  • 3 websites per portal
  • track and engage 50,000 visitors per month
  • 3 departments
  • 1000 chat sessions per month
  • 1 personalized chatbot
  • unlimited storage
  • audio call

PROFESSIONAL - includes 5 operators

53 € per month with annual billing

includes all the basic features

  • 5 operators included
  • 5 websites per portal
  • track and engage 100,000 visitors per month
  • 5 departments
  • unlimited chat sessions
  • 3 custom chatbots
  • in-depth reports
  • apple tv app

ENTERPRISE - includes 10 operators

116€ per month with annual billing

includes all the professional features

  • 10 operators included
  • 25 websites per portal
  • track and engage 200,000 visitors per month
  • 25 departments
  • 10 custom chatbots
  • chat translation
  • chat translation support

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