Digital HR

Digital HR

Digital Transformation is a process that does not only affect traditional “operational” departments. The world of human resources is also starting to approach digital with tools that facilitate the function at 360 °: from the research and selection phase of a candidate, to the onboarding of new resources up to the management of holidays / permits, expense reporting and more.

The digital revolution in human resources

Assume that digital transformation is a sealed off process is a contradiction in terms: digitization determines by definition the convergence of many functions on a single platform, even on a single device, in every sector.

A digital revolution that concerns the company necessarily involves the Human Resources function, and the transformation of HR cannot take place without an overall vision of the company itself.

Digital HR

Emerging technologies such as cloud solutions, Big Data and artificial intelligence are able to automate most of the HR processes it is true, but there must be a perfect integration between all the business tools and the people who use them.

These projects may seem very complex at first sight, but in reality there are solutions within everyone’s reach, both in terms of usability and budget, which is why it is very important to receive the advice of professionals able to better analyze the needs of your company. to advise you on the most suitable solutions for your business.

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