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How we work

CRMpartners consultants are specialized in Digital Transformation projects, Healthcare, HR, Logistics, Finance, Banking, Services, Automotive and many others are the sectors in which we work. A 360 ° consultancy!

Our expertise is the result of years of experience and initiative, we have taken every new challenge with enthusiasm and thanks to this attitude we have won the trust of our customers who have entrusted their projects to us.

Among the types of projects that we most often provide to our customers are: Sales Force Management (CRM), Marketing Automation, Customer Care projects, insertion of tools for data analysis and reports. Also projects that provide the creation of Custom applications to meet specific customer needs. Obviously the Training & Coaching phase is an active part of our projects.

Being “consultants” means a lot to us. It is not simply a question of “selling” a project. Our challenge is to understand the needs of each individual company and find the best way to meet those needs. We based our approach on this consulting principle because we believe that before adopting a software and starting the Digital Transformation path, it is essential that the customers understand what they really need. The market offers different solutions for companies that want to digitize themselves, how can you understand which one is best suited for your needs? This is what our consultants are for.

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